27 July 2017

making the memories i want us to have.

summer is passing slow and sweet, like a golden drip of honey from a spoon, and there's this one scene i keep turning over -- 

memory of spinning ella fitzgerald and what it was to move about our sunny treehouse, baking a monday cake. it was lemon and blueberry and buttermilk, and it looked a little funny, but it tasted like july. sunflower faces beamed from the table and husband was due home soon and there's something to using those moments when you have a little extra in you to spread your love around, i swear there is.


  1. I love how you always manage to capture moments with your words in such a beautiful way, Alexa!


  2. The way you write on your blog is inspiring me to get back to mine. I've been putting it on hold because I keep saying I don't have enough time. But: It's possible to write something beautiful, to capture a moment, in just a few sentences rather than making it into a bit ordeal. Feel like *you* often say more in a few words than some people say in many many paragraphs <3

    Also, your cake sounds very delicious!