19 November 2017

iceland, part four | in & around reykjavík.

we had admittedly humble expectations of reykjavík. we knew we'd have a lovely stay, but, old world europe lovers that we are, we were unsure of how we'd feel about nordic architecture and a modern cityscape. 

and how silly that sounds now, for reykjavík utterly drips in charm! it's the coziest winter village, like something pulled from the pages of a minimalist fairytale. candy colored houses, pubs and coffeehouses for the hopping, twinkly lights shedding a soft glow on blustery streets...it all makes you want to tuck in and stay a long while. 

things we will remember about reykjavík: thick coffees from reykjavík roasters, floating weightless in the geothermal seawater of blue lagoon, the mossy lava fields south of the city, that snowy sunday we spent napping in long johns in our darling airbnb, our favorite meal of lobster soup and salmon skewers at sægreifinn, pub hopping for yule bocks and hot chocolate, how the ponies came to us when we called them, our tomato-centric lunch inside fri∂heimar's greenhouse before our flight home.

and with that, we're tucking away our passports and marveling at the thought that, our next trip abroad, we will be three. we're already daydreaming about where that first trip together with baby on the outside will be, and it thrills us that this little one, already such a good traveler, has existed on three continents, in four countries, in eight states, on nineteen flights....before ever even taking a breath of air. we hope we're fostering a love of travel and adventure, of memories as a family, of experiences over things, from the very first. what a day that will be, seeing the world as a family of three. we can't wait.

18 November 2017

iceland, part three | vík.

we pulled into vík with a pair of hours left before sundown and were enchanted by this seaside town's sleepy beauty from the first — basalt cliffs and black sand beaches cloaked in rolling fog, with a quirky lighthouse fit for a wes anderson film and a sweet red chapel perched high on a hill.