28 March 2017

hardings' farewell.

photos from one golden hour in brooklyn bridge park.

angie and her darling crew moved west earlier this month. insert all the heartache. new york is ever the fickle mistress and so very transient, but for me and my little world, this is a tough one.

i've long known that angie desired to move west -- closer to mountains, closer to family -- and of course i had the months leading up to their farewell to consider what it all would mean, but it wasn't until we facetimed for the first time and she gave me the grand tour of her HOUSE (!!) that it really began to settle over me. i have never known new york city without angie in it, and my new york is going to look a bit different from here on out. 

we have grown something bigger than friendship these past going-on-seven years; i imagine it is the closest thing i will ever know to sisterhood. she saw me through the dating years, my deep spiritual exploration, meeting my husband, planning my wedding. she stood beside me as i spoke my marriage vows. i was there for the many years she waited for a baby, the work it took to get one in her arms, that time she learned she was carrying TWO (!). i was the one she and klane called to come to that hospital on 168th street the day nora and benjamin were born. and, of course, the tiny, beautiful things scattered in between -- the shake shack dates, the aimless wanders through soho and the village, the dinners cooked at her apartment or mine, the afternoons at the museum of natural history, the sundaes split at brooklyn farmacy, the double dates at babbalucci, the walks in central park across seven autumns, the picnics under the cherry blossoms across six springs, the million hours spent talking talking talking...

perhaps my favorite memory of all didn't unfold in new york at all, but in utah one april, so many aprils ago. we flew out to visit her family and hike angels landing. we couldn't know it then, but she was just about to become a mother and i was just about to meet my husband. i look back at that sacred, particular moment we shared -- on what felt like the edge of the earth, the edge of our lives -- in such wonder. 

and, utah! she lives there now, in the dreamscape of the wild west, and i am slowly but surely trading in my dreams of raising our babes together in new york city for dreams of hiking with our families amongst the canyons and the waterfalls and those red, red rocks.

(i'll meet you there.)

27 March 2017


the past few days have felt like winter and smelled like spring. all week, we looked so forward to a restful pair of days together, and that's just what we had.

we went to nolita for wood fired b.l.t. bagels at black seed and pear & pollen juice at the butcher's daughter. we wended our way through the village and poked around pretty papers and letterpress cards at goods for the study. we bought sea salt caramels at chelsea market and swooned over sally field in the glass menagerie. we joined chris' uncle tj and his beau for dinner at the smith. he napped; i baked a blood orange + olive oil cake; we tagteamed our home chores. it was the weekend we hoped for -- slow and sweet, happy and whole.

24 March 2017

twenty fridays.

today, somehow, already -- we've been married as long as we were engaged. twenty fridays.

i look at him and i look at our days -- anchored in growing best friendship and loving with all and sharing small, simple joys and extending grace and celebrating everything and finding adventure in each other and in every day -- and my heart swells, very nearly to the point of breaking, it aches so good, so tender, so sweet. this is what awaits me for the rest of my life.

23 March 2017

blossom of snow, may you bloom & grow.

thinking this spring morning about cherry blossoms, and the emotion they provoke. i am sensitive to their transience -- to the passing of something lovely, something brief. i've long known that i simply feel things deeply -- deeper than most? -- and cherry blossoms kindle a certain harmony within. it sounds to me like a song my spirit knows -- has always known -- that i cannot say in words.

21 March 2017

afternoon at the air & space museum.

so often i get glimpses of my christopher as a little boy -- a bright-eyed, dimpled little boy -- and instantly i am twenty six again, sitting across the table from him for the first time, feeling butterflies, and utterly charmed. i remember noticing his childlike wonder and glee right from the start, and i've spent every day since hoping our children get that from him.

the afternoon we spent at the air and space museum in dc brought these dear qualities of his out in a big way. chris adores airplanes -- he knows makes & models by name and, in a party trick that blows my mind every time, he can name any airline flying way overhead. the moment we stepped foot in the museum this weekend, he was in wonderland.

we moved about the halls slowly, exploring the vintage uniforms and passenger cabins and feasting our eyes on the incredible collection of historic aircraft -- among many others, the wright flyer, the bell x-1 that broke the sound barrier, and the spirit of st. louis, the (windshield-less!!) plane charles lindbergh flew non-stop from new york to paris over thirty three hours in 1927. the history of flight is truly amazing.

indeed, when the day was done, i had one happy husband on my hands.

20 March 2017

weekend in dc.

we had the most fun weekend in dc with friends. erin and will live in richmond and met us in the city to chase spring and adventure. we traipsed all around town together, revisiting all our best loved spots. we strolled the american art museum and walked for pistachio gelato after. we rode bicycles to georgetown for pizza and laid our eyes on those sweet cherry blossoms. the fickle winter and the late snow did a number on the blossoms this year, but they're pulling through and we saw them just as they began to bloom.

how lovely it was, adventuring in the district with this crew. i have such fond memories of the march erin and i became friends in dc -- eight years ago!! -- during a class trip in college, and last spring, she met us in the city for an afternoon at the renwick gallery. to gather, the four of us, makes my heart all sorts of happy, and i do believe a spring tradition has been born.

more favorites from the weekend: blueberry buckwheat pancakes at eastern market. skillet cornbread and fried chicken and meatloaf at founding farmers. stopping at wawa for the best road trip coffee around. wandering capitol hill, downright swooning at the rowhouses. picking up the "do you want to move to dc?" conversation where we leave it every time.

oh, dc. we love you so.