22 February 2017

small things i want to remember -- 

those friday nights where we stay in and cook and watch episodes of friends and fall asleep talking. the piano man in washington square. handsewn moccasins, long-sought and found by surprise the morning of my twenty ninth birthday. that cheery cafe on 116th street with the dark roast and buttery baklava. dating my husband at the opera. our treehouse awash in golden sunshine. noticing the return of birdsong. the ceremony in common days.

21 February 2017


new york has been sunny & sixty these last few days, and we've been living outdoors. i can't even recall an april so mild as this stretch of february, and i am teetering between this is nice and this is terrifying. 

admittedly, stretching our legs with miles of walking in the sunshine & our lungs with gulps of fresh, delicious air has done our bodies a world of good. all told, we walked upwards of sixteen miles this long weekend, our feet carrying us everywhere we wanted to go -- eastward through the village, south down second avenue, and across manhattan bridge for a golden hour along the water. through the cloisters for a peek at medieval tapestries and the sleepy hudson river. around the neighborhood for errands and smoothies. up to harlem for cuddles with our pudding-cheeked niece, born valentine's day and making us an aunt & uncle.

other weekend things: our treehouse filled with flowers. brunch with friends over french toast and lilac tea. new yorkers, twitterpated in the sunshine, spilling out into the streets. stir fry & mapo lo mein at chinese tuxedo. falling asleep with our windows thrown open, a cool breeze dancing in -- for these are the nights where we find our best sleep.

20 February 2017

afternoon at the brooklyn botanic garden.

hungry for a bit of warmth and a burst of color, i surprised husband with a date at the brooklyn botanic garden last weekend. through the pavilions we ambled -- tropical, temperate, and desert -- feeding our wintering souls on cheery succulents and brilliant wildflowers, trickling waterfalls and prickly cacti, plants fragrant and medicinal and sustenant. we left for home with peaceful hearts and nourished spirits, and plans to return for cherry blossoms come may.

15 February 2017

our wedding, part three.

one last, incredible view of our happy day. words cannot express our gratitude to everyone who came to share our day and celebrate with us. we love you all dearly!

also, so many thanks to chap fowler at fig jam studio for this treasure of a highlight reel!

14 February 2017

our wedding, part two.

 -- the family, the friends, the love, the party.