05 May 2017

these days of spring.

these are the days of:

meeting at the cafe we love on 83rd street to sip iced cappuccinos & talk about the day. wearing a particular shirt and feeling a memory: august in london, myself at twenty three. a date for bagels one rainy morning before husband left for the airport. a springtime indulgence or two, with zero regret. working on our summer playlist. animal house at the metrograph. spending the six o'clock hour with a pen in my hand, birdsong in my ear, and the words on my heart. meeting friends at ruby's for shrimp & avocado tossed in green goddess and sweet potato fries kissed with sweet chili. target candles -- moss and thyme and essential oils. my grandmother's meatloaf recipe & his mashed potatoes. the city, all foggy like that. the slow show -- white blossoms then pink, appearance of hyacinths, fistfuls of tulips one week, lilacs the next, tenth street dripping in wisteria, a coda of peonies. i could tell you the week just by the blooms, i could.

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