04 May 2017

six months since.

i read somewhere a few weeks back that magnolia trees are believed to be one of the first flowering trees on earth, a symbol of stability & grace through the ages.

we had planned to be married by the carriage house on the property, but in the pair of hours before our ceremony, a small hiccup meant we should change our plans. right away, christopher looked to the grand magnolia on the grounds, and right away i agreed. i grew up playing under the waxy leaves of the magnolia in my grandparents' yard; i would hide my small body under the canopy for hours, thinking big thoughts and dreaming big dreams until she would call me in for supper. my fondness for magnolias knows no bounds.

so we were married under a magnolia tree, the november sun tumbling through her branches, our dear ones looking on, my heart swelling with understanding that we were always meant to -- going to -- marry in that place, we just had to find our way there first. even as i lived that blink of an eye, i knew i'd always hold so tenderly the vision of my sweet groom waiting for me under the magnolia tree. the more i learn about their history and meaning, i feel such providence that our marriage began in such a way. under the magnolia tree, our faces to the sun, a slow, sweet song of roots & grace carried on the wind.

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