08 May 2017

staycation in greenpoint.

we spent the weekend out and about in greenpoint. it's a neighborhood we've both yearned to explore and my to do/to see/to eat list was a mile long, so we set off saturday morning carrying a paperback each and four week' worth of the new yorker, and made the williamsburg hotel our home for the weekend.

greenpoint is tucked on the northern border of bustling williamsburg, but because only the g train runs in and out, the local fabric is preserved in a way that feels increasingly rare. probably no one ends up in greenpoint by accident, and the neighborhood radiates a strong, authentic identity. it seems that the very best things about old new york and new new york live cheerily as neighbors in greenpoint. old world bakeries with original storefronts. hidden cafes with enchanting gardens. grand churches and tiny tattoo parlors. coffeehouses with creaky wooden doors and bold, floral wallpaper. techie pop ups and auto repair garages and antique shops peddling treasures and wares. when we boarded the train home on sunday afternoon, we were utterly charmed.

when you're newlyweds and don't yet have babes, it could be said that every night is date night, and yet. there's something so dear -- so necessary -- about carving out intentional time to connect as husband and wife. we had nothing but time for conversation and each other. everything was new to our eyes, and every corner, every nook, was ours to discover...together.

favorites from our staycation in greenpoint:
+ fried egg, avocado, and bourbon bacon jam sandwiches at maman
+ walking the breezy waterfront facing manhattan
+ lavender shortbread (and the wallpaper!!) at bakeri
+ napping in our fluffy hotel bed and sipping rosé in the afternoon
+ shell steak and onion soup in the garden dripping in wisteria at le gamin
+ french toast on the petal-strewn patio at milk and roses


  1. Your photos are always amazing, but I love how this post in particular conveys a specific mood. Greenpoint looks like a beautiful, unique space in the city, and I'm especially in love with that floral wallpaper!

    Kate | www.thegirlinthebluejacket.com

  2. This looks so dreamy!! The wallpaper <3 and your photography is lovely. I'd love to do something like this with my love, thanks for the inspiration. I wish I lived nearer NYC so I could try some of that lavender shortbread... x