20 March 2017

weekend in dc.

we had the most fun weekend in dc with friends. erin and will live in richmond and met us in the city to chase spring and adventure. we traipsed all around town together, revisiting all our best loved spots. we strolled the american art museum and walked for pistachio gelato after. we rode bicycles to georgetown for pizza and laid our eyes on those sweet cherry blossoms. the fickle winter and the late snow did a number on the blossoms this year, but they're pulling through and we saw them just as they began to bloom.

how lovely it was, adventuring in the district with this crew. i have such fond memories of the march erin and i became friends in dc -- eight years ago!! -- during a class trip in college, and last spring, she met us in the city for an afternoon at the renwick gallery. to gather, the four of us, makes my heart all sorts of happy, and i do believe a spring tradition has been born.

more favorites from the weekend: blueberry buckwheat pancakes at eastern market. skillet cornbread and fried chicken and meatloaf at founding farmers. stopping at wawa for the best road trip coffee around. wandering capitol hill, downright swooning at the rowhouses. picking up the "do you want to move to dc?" conversation where we leave it every time.

oh, dc. we love you so.


  1. some of these pictures of you look like they're straight from a magazine in the '60s. you're timeless, friend. (: so fun!!!! seriously, counting down until our adventures in NYC with you two!!!!

  2. This sounds like a glorious weekend. The blossoms just peeking out! Also you (and your husband) look straight from LIFE magazine...like the Kennedy's! V glam ;) x