21 March 2017

afternoon at the air & space museum.

so often i get glimpses of my christopher as a little boy -- a bright-eyed, dimpled little boy -- and instantly i am twenty six again, sitting across the table from him for the first time, feeling butterflies, and utterly charmed. i remember noticing his childlike wonder and glee right from the start, and i've spent every day since hoping our children get that from him.

the afternoon we spent at the air and space museum in dc brought these dear qualities of his out in a big way. chris adores airplanes -- he knows makes & models by name and, in a party trick that blows my mind every time, he can name any airline flying way overhead. the moment we stepped foot in the museum this weekend, he was in wonderland.

we moved about the halls slowly, exploring the vintage uniforms and passenger cabins and feasting our eyes on the incredible collection of historic aircraft -- among many others, the wright flyer, the bell x-1 that broke the sound barrier, and the spirit of st. louis, the (windshield-less!!) plane charles lindbergh flew non-stop from new york to paris over thirty three hours in 1927. the history of flight is truly amazing.

indeed, when the day was done, i had one happy husband on my hands.

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