11 January 2017

in praise of --

flowers on the vanity in a milk glass jar, left by her for me to find. driving in the mountains, sky spitting snow, bob dylan and neil young crooning on the radio. nights of moscow mules and vietnamese takeout. the night a dear friend turned thirty. exposed beams and chandeliers. hot coffee, cold cream. witnessing friends in their motherhood. crisp new calendar pages, hungry for work and travel and days never to forget. steaming bowls of curry to fight that winter cold. la la land and the hollars. their soundtracks, too. our third new year's together. poetry in the morning. days that nurture bonds stretching like gossamer threads across miles, miles, miles.


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    1. thank you, mary! and so many congratulations to you! i saw your happy news and squealed aloud for you!

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    1. thank you very much, emily! your sweet comment brought a smile this morning :)