17 January 2017


we made no plans for the long weekend and the days filled themselves peacefully, happily, restfully. we made way to jack's wife freda for chicken kebabs and matzo ball soup. we walked through the snow -- around the lower east side and to tea & sympathy for treacle and sticky toffee pudding. we read books on our blue velvet couch and saw casablanca at the ifc. we slept long and late. we made a pot roast with loads of red wine and sweet potatoes and parsnips and rosemary. we read dr. king's letter from birmingham jail.

the first two weeks of 2017 have been chock-full with work, work travel, tuesday evening soccer games, and plans with family and friends, and oh how we needed a weekend like this. days -- slow, intentional, and present, in all the biggest ways.


  1. These photographs are so beautiful - you both have such happy, happy smiles with the snow falling on you! :) And your words are beautiful too.

    This is my first time visiting your blog & I can't wait to catch up with previous posts and read what else you publish in future. :) Wishing you a very lovely January!