06 October 2016

day date with my papa.

while i was on topsail island with the mamas, chris was golfing with the papas. my dad flew in friday and extended his weekend so that we could have a day. 

side note: i am deeply happy that my dad and my husband-to-be genuinely enjoy each other. that they really, truly like each other. i always knew that would be the case; i wouldn't -- couldn't -- have chosen to spend my life with anyone my family didn't embrace wholeheartedly. but to see their sweet relationship bloom before my eyes -- entirely independent of me -- is a dream realized in full.

one thing i have always adored about my papa is how, from the time i was small, he has always, always carved out time for me, for us. what used to be afternoons building blanket forts and watching the wonder years before bedtime is now a day spent wandering new york city. 

this particular day, we walked for coffee and donuts in the neighborhood, brisk with october and buzzing with monday. we met angie and the babes at the playground for a bit. we walked central park southward and shopped for his suit for the wedding (oh my heart). we went to lombardi's for pizza and rice to riches for rice pudding. we took the city by storm and conversation, walking slowly through washington square park to see what we could see. i cried like a baby on central park west as his cab pulled away, just like i always do, and he waved his hand from the window, just like he always does. 

it was one fine day. thanks for spending it with me, dear papa! xo


  1. Sounds lovely. I always love spending time with my parents individually, it seems to become more special as you get older. xx