05 October 2016

a bridal shower on the beach.

a few more photos from my weekend on topsail island, from my bridal shower itself. 

bless sweet christy for ensuring that these days are so thoroughly documented. i am usually the shutterbug in every situation and not used to putting my camera down, but it is quite nice to just be a guest and soak up the festivities!

this shower was beautiful. our lovely hostesses sent the rest of us out of the house for a few hours, so naturally we took to the beach with coffee. over quiche, fruit, mimosas, and cupcakes, our marriage was showered with an abundance of love and support and good wishes. with every gift i opened, i was also gifted a handwritten note. this was so special. i loved reading tried & true words of wisdom from these dear women, knowing that their words are mined from their own loving marriages. i won't share them all -- there are so many! -- but here are a few that echo right now:

always be kind

celebrate everything

cherish the good times, ask for help in the bad times, remember you are surrounded in love in all times

thank each other

stay in and talk

never sleep in separate rooms unless one of you is sick

remember why you are together

laugh, always laugh

remember you are on the same team

if you do go to bed mad, at least touch toes to get you through to the morning

i have tucked all of these notes away for safekeeping and i am so curious to see how they will resonate with us through the years, as well as what words of our own we might someday pass along when we ourselves are no longer newlyweds, when we know a bit more than we do right now.

i really can't thank these women (and those who toasted from afar!) enough for making the time to gather on the carolina coast and show such big love to christopher and me. we are lucky and we know it.

...and just like that, only twenty nine days til i'm a brown!

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