04 October 2016

bridal weekend on topsail island.

while christopher enjoyed a golf weekend away with our fathers and his brothers and friends, our friends martha and kate hosted a ladies' weekend for me on topsail island.

i was privy to the guest list ahead of time and was wildly excited that so many women from every hour of our lives, his & mine -- mamas, aunts, friends from childhood, college, study abroad, new york city -- would be gathering in north carolina from all over the country. and then saturday morning, as we sipped coffee on the beach, seeing my very first friend (who is in medical residency and was able to get the time off last minute, after much begging and many favors) stroll onto the sand was the cherry on top of these beautiful days that left our upcoming marriage showered in wisdom and community and my heart so fantastically full.

'twas a weekend of bare feet, pumpkin muffins and beach walks in our jams, rowdy games of cards against humanity, late sleeps and afternoon naps, generous gifts and thoughtful notes, funny conversations, uplifting conversations, red wine and apple pie, grey days chased by cotton candy sunsets, laughing ourselves to tears, and my own prayer after prayer of thanks for these dear women and their invaluable roles in our world.

so many thanks to everyone who did so much and traveled so far to make this weekend all that it was.
i love you all!


  1. I'm so, so happy to have been a part of it! It was good for my soul! Love you!

  2. I can't stop thinking about the weekend! It is so comforting to me and your dad that you have surrounded yourself with such an amazing group of women! I love you!