12 September 2016

wakin' on a pretty day.

the sunday blues hit me hard last night. the weekends spoil me so -- i love bopping around the city or lazing in parks or hanging at home or running errands or doing nothing at all, my best friend by my side. and then i blink and it's monday and work and commitments carry us off in different directions. 

so i've made a thoughtful effort today, to really embrace this monday and this brand new week with a cheerful spirit and a grateful heart. here we go, a few things -- some big, most small -- i am terribly grateful for:

+ beef stew simmering away on the counter. just the thing for a september night.
+ walks in central park, especially this time of year. they nourish and restore me so.
+ words of encouragement that find me in the most unexpected times and places.
+ coffee with butter and coconut oil. i am late to the party on this but it's so, so good.
+ celebrating six (!!) happy, safe, adventurous years in new york city a few days back.
+ that boy, right there. he'll forever be the best gift ever dropped in my lap.

1 comment:

  1. one day, let's wander cities together. hand in hand with our best boys, dreaming about life and smiling about where it's taken us (: love you, dear, friend and i so appreciate how you soak up this life of yours! (//y'alls)