13 September 2016


this weekend...

we settled on the designs of our wedding rings (!!) and celebrated after at davey's, the best ice cream in the city, in my mind (mint chip in a cup for him, speculoos on a cone for me).

we had a shake shack picnic and watched the rowboats on the lake.

one of us ate a giant pretzel in central park.

one of us babysat a darling pair of toddlers. (and being with them reminded me just how much i am looking forward to my future family with mr. brown.)

we walked across the brooklyn bridge and decided we really could do that more often.

we delighted in every moment of sunday's splendid weather (sunny, breezy, 70s) by hopping parks and picnicking for every meal.

we spotted the very first of autumn's bright leaves, at long last! the seasons, they are a-changin', and we couldn't be more excited about that. give us the sweaters and knits and leather boots and soups and stews and woodsy candles and homemade pies and apple everything and wedding days. :)

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  1. Your photo's are so beautiful. Pretty sure I left that exact same comment on your last post, but don't think I will ever get tired of saying it! Stephie xx