09 September 2016

one night in tyringham.

we spent our first night in the berkshires in tyringham. as soon as i saw the sweet silo cottage we'd be staying in, i knew this town would be good to us.

the silo cottage is perched on santarella estate. the red house on the property dates to the 1740s and in the 1920s, the sculptor who then owned the estate began work to transform the barn and an old grain silo into his workspaces.

we hansel & gretel-ed around the property all afternoon, marveling at the endless enchanting details, all appearing as though straight from a storybook -- arched doorways, stacks of firewood, whimsical gardens, a resident barn cat. our hostess greeted us with a chilled bottle of champers and a bouquet she'd plucked from the garden as though to say, cheers, young lovers!

we ventured up the hill to becket for supper at the dreamaway lodge. the two hundred year old farmhouse was a speakeasy during the great depression and a 1970s hangout of bob dylan, joan baez, and allen ginsberg. wild horses couldn't have kept us from stopping in. we feasted on red wine and steak and lemon pudding; we basked in live music and local mythology. it was a grand ol' time. 

and with that, we were off to the woods!


  1. SO cool. Mike remembers Tyringham from the trail - he was surprised when I showed him your getaway -- pretty sure he & Brock would've stopped in had they known about it then! (: hehe

    1. we thought of y'all there -- the entrance to the trail was right by the cottage! tyringham is itty bitty and we got the feeling that santarella and the trail were the big draws to that particular town :) we both really loved how the small towns of the berkshires dotted the map close by each other, so you could stay in one town, have breakfast in another, and supper in still another. let's all go there together! :)