01 August 2016

weekend in carolina.

we spent the weekend in my hometown for a veritable feast of celebrations -- my ten year high school reunion and my first bridal shower. 

christy hosted the most beautiful brunch themed bridal shower complete with vegetable quiche, tomato dill soup, sweet tea, and sweet potato cake. it made my heart so happy to spend a few hours with a bounty of women who have been so important throughout my life in celebration of our upcoming marriage. a special thank you to sweet christy for being so thoughtful and working so hard to plan this lovely morning, and also to everyone who was a part of this day! 

other highlights of the weekend:
+ summer shandies & a sunset boat ride 
+ waking up to christy's homemade waffles 
+ weekday lunch dates as a family
+ lavender mochas at the village grind
+ jars of hydrangeas cut from the yard
+ a round of golf for dad & chris, just the two of them
+ sharing our engagement story with dear ones in person
+ how my heart feels when i'm back in this place


  1. Miss you already! Come back please!!!! XOXO

  2. eeeeek! can't wait for the engagement story, in full detail in just a few days!! xoxo | counting down!!