02 August 2016

a day at the brewery.

while in the carolinas, we went for a sunday drive up to asheville. this has long been a favorite tradition of my family's -- to drive up the blue ridge just to see what we can see. for ages, it was dad and christy and me, and i lovingly joked that i was a lifetime third wheel. now it's a lifetime double date :)

this particular afternoon, we landed at the sierra nevada brewery nestled in the sleepy appalachian foothills. with crisp summer brews in our hands, we wandered the gardens and marveled at sunflowers as tall as beanstalks, listened to local live music, shared small plates of molasses lamb ribs, goat cheese snap peas, and duck fat french fries, and reveled in the joys of good food and road trips and summer days and one another.

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