03 August 2016

the land of the pines.

the last stop on our sunday drive up the blue ridge was connemara farm in flat rock. we meandered the flower and vegetable gardens, bamboo thickets, mountain forests, and rolling pastures, and said hello to the goats at the dairy farm.

the carolinas -- with their mountain air, lush woods, star spangled night sky, & chirping cicadas -- stir something in me, way down deep. the more roots i put down, the more connected i feel to my roots. 

wandering connemara farm, we gave voice to so many little dreams we share for someday -- rosebushes and a clothesline, a front porch where we sip whiskey cocktails and rock sleepy babes, a screened porch where we hang a sheet and project old movies, a kitchen window from where we watch our wild gang play lost boys and dig in the earth. a yearned for someday that admittedly contrasts very much with our beloved now.

-- these are the dots of our rich and varied life that we'll treasure connecting, together, over the years.


  1. This is what I am dreaming of too, lately - no matter how good the present is. Space and open fields, a vegetable plot, a basement to fill with bikes and old furniture, a big blossom tree in the yard.

  2. Your line about the contrast between future and present is so perfect, Alexa. You always give voice to the things on my heart that I can't quite articulate. I love your words.

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  4. "these are the dots of our rich and varied life that we'll treasure connecting, together, over the years.". You have a true gift with words. This is so beautiful.