27 July 2016

life lately.

somehow it is the end of july and summer is flying right on by! we are riding the heat wave with one dollar cups of coco helado, breezy beach days, lingering museum afternoons, and movie nights cool in the air conditioning with buttered popcorn and a fountain coke to share. recent film favorites include: café society and captain fantastic.

a few scenes i want to remember: wild afternoon rainstorms as seen from our perch in the treehouse, crisscrossing central park on our way to anywhere, an impromptu monday morning date at the coffee window on columbus avenue, watching from the green room as laura performed on the colbert show.

this is the summer of wedding plans and honeymoon dreams. there is a wedding dress in a box under the blue velvet settee. on lazy afternoons, we sit on a wooden bench in a small park in the village and read books about road trips and coastlines. we dance to louis armstrong and beirut in the kitchen as we always have, but now with the knowledge that we'll be dancing to these same songs one friday in november. the day we registered a few weeks back, chris held up an oversized platter and chirped, "for our thanksgiving turkey!" -- it was, at once, funny and sweet; it launched a thousand visions of holidays future.

...just ninety nine days to go!


  1. The two of you have me smitten! XO I love you both!

  2. Loved this. Your writing is so beautiful and pared-back and vivid - life caught in small snapshots. Making me ache for summery heat (I live in Scotland, and we've had maybe 5 nice days so far. Mostly it's just grey and drizzle-filled).

    I would like to find someone to dance to Louis Armstrong with in my kitchen. One day.

  3. Love you and love you two together. So happy for you and all your happiness!