23 August 2016

sailing on the hudson.

over the weekend, we set sail on an old schooner along the hudson river.

this has been on my summer bucket list for ages. i read about it years ago -- maybe five years ago? -- and bookmarked it someday, in new york, with my someone. i meant for us to go last summer, but the days got away from us, and i was determined that another summer wouldn't pass us by. if not now, when?!

so we sailed for hours down the river and right alongside lady liberty. the captain encourages picnicking, so i picked up lobster rolls, root beer, and old bay fries from chelsea market, and the skippers served rosé. it was thrilling -- having that perspective on the city at sunset, the sails whipping wildly as they rose, seagulls squawking above us, bobbing in the wake of boats passing by, the wind tousling our hair. it was just another adventure with my best friend.

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  1. What a beautiful summer day! Sailing has been on my list for years. I just read pages and pages of your posts and oh how I love the way you share. Makes me miss blogging for its sweetness of being able to look back on moments I thought worth documenting and taking the time to sort out thoughts. xo