19 August 2016

we put our feet just where they had, had to go.

one glittering night in july, my lovely friend meg snapped photograph after photograph of us out and about in our city -- him in a crisp shirt & dark jeans, me in heels he gave me for christmas & a ring he gave me for life.

i am deeply thankful to meg for capturing this time -- this sweet, brief time -- and these places, all so dear to us, to our story. the corner where we met for a blind date. a bookstore we frequent. the west village streets we so often stroll, just talking. this is our new york -- the tangle of streets of what it means to be him & me.


  1. Gah this is so deliciously good. (And brava, Meg!)

  2. LOVE!!!! (: All the googly heart eyes!

  3. Totally swooning. So happy for you two. SO, SO HAPPY! <3