29 August 2016


i am just back from a few days in charleston tending to wedding details. chris meant to join me, but accepted a new job last week (hooray!) and stayed behind in new york to tie up loose ends. he will start with his new company after labor day and i am unspeakably proud of him. he works so hard and with such a happy heart. i am so excited to witness how this new challenge grows him!

these days afforded much time with my dear friend kristen and her husband scott, as well as time to simply be with myself in this place. i have so much history in charleston -- did so much of my becoming there -- and knowing that the next time i am there, i will be a bride (!!!) stirs up many emotions. i was a little girl there, i was a college student there, and we are marrying steps from where i lived, studied, wrote, daydreamed, turned twenty one, turned twenty two, packed for new york -- never knowing how my life would circle back while pulsing forward.

it was one of those overwhelming life moments, and i am so glad of these days i was able to spend in charleston, wandering the quiet cobblestone streets, camera and cold brew in hand, anticipating that autumn friday when i will become a mrs.

a few favorites from this trip:
+ fried chicken and peach slaw sandwiches at boxcar betty's
+ cabin coffee and biscuits with peach jam at harold's cabin
+ talking by the stono river with kristen and her pup, beauregard
+ oyster happy hour and whiskey cocktails at the ordinary
+ lush windowboxes on water street
+ seasonal after dinner cocktails at the spectator
+ catching a sunset along the battery


  1. cannot wait to see you become a mrs. in chuck-town!! (: whooohooo! the countdown is on sweet friend!

  2. This makes my heart so, so happy. :)