30 August 2016

harold's cabin.

i stopped in for a quick breakfast and ended up whiling away the morning in a red booth, happy as a lark with a book, a cabin coffee, and a warm biscuit smothered in peach jam and whipped, salted butter. i loved the tabletop succulents and the mismatched coffee mugs, the antique rugs and the neighborly conversations. mostly, i loved the story.

in the 1920s, a boy named harold and his parents opened a snowball shop at the corner of congress and president streets. they called it harold's cabin. over time, the shop evolved into a lunch counter and neighborhood market that harold ran with his wife, lillian. the business was eventually sold and became, among other things, a convenience store and a private residence. in recent months, though, this very same space has reopened as a reimagined iteration of the beloved neighborhood perch it once was -- snowballs are even on the menu!

i've found a new favorite spot in charleston for sure.

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