10 August 2016


oh, newport. the time we spent wandering this sweet town was my most savored of our trip. we rode ferries between providence and newport -- an hour up and down the coast, passed quickly with coffee and donuts and conversation. 

newport is dappled with summer cottages the size of palaces and boats bobbing like apples in the harbor. we walked bellevue avenue slowly, our dazzled eyes taking in the iron gates and pristine lawns of estates that persist from the gilded age. sipping del's frozen lemonade, we watched surfers and hunted seashells, our toes kissing the sand. our fingers touched centuries old lace, silverware, and crystal at antique shops on back streets. we lunched by easton bay on lobster rolls and burgers and bubbly fountain cokes. cream hydrangeas flanked porches, driveways, hedges, and brick sidewalks, and new england summer sang out to me.

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  1. mmmmmmmmm dreaming of newport while i watch rain pour from the window and sip coffee this afternoon.