08 August 2016

weekend in providence.

i'm just back from a weekend spent exploring providence & newport -- our fourth girls' getaway in five years!

wild horses couldn't keep us apart -- not miles, not months, not two thirds of us birthing five babies in three years' time. i hope we'll always take -- make -- time to slip away together, to explore places none of us have been, to share stories and dreams, to talk through the matters on our hearts, to delight in the women we are, beyond the partners and mothers and daughters we may also be.

i miss them each dearly throughout the calendar year. sisters, we are, leaning on each other in every season of life, challenging one another, encouraging one another, celebrating one another. our weekend was one of shared bites of food, walking until our bodies were sore, laughing 'til the tears came, and giving all the bear hugs before goodbyes. i have returned home feeling strengthened and refreshed, and i'm already looking forward to next year -- portland (or kansas city or key west or the other portland) or bust!

a few favorites from our time in providence:
+ watching for gondolas along the river
+ lemon blueberry french toast at brickway
+ exploring the brown campus
+ donuts at pvd
+ thrift shopping on westminster street
+ small plates and whiskey with peach bitters at nick's
+ a farm to table brunch at the grange
+ espresso drinks and coffee milk at white electric
+ wandering the 1920s neighborhoods along blackstone boulevard

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