08 September 2014

four years.

four years today in new york, and i can hardly believe it. i've lived here longer than i was in college; i've lived here longer than i've lived anywhere, save for my childhood home.

year four was more. more adventure, more magic, more joy. more of all things so essential and dear to this good, simple life i am building: time invested and savored with family and friends. my beloved treehouse. music and books and fresh flowers for the table. another winter, another october. peaceful mornings, west village evenings. spontaneity. serendipity. wanders through zabar's, central park, and the strand.

year four also brought more challenge. it grew my heart and my mind in new, big ways. i became more. and so welcoming a new year in the city—a rich and lovely, but not so easy, place to suss out a life—feels like an achievement in a way other years didn't. passing into year five feels, at once, both quiet and loud, and altogether sweet.

so cheers to year five and another year of my new york. i am unspeakably glad and grateful to have ended up here, and to have the chance to do it all over again. maybe there's no better place for a girl to live out her 20s.


  1. I will never forget that day four years ago when I dropped you off at the airport in Greenville. You were so terrified and so excited at the same time. To see the life you have built during these past four years and to see your accomplishments makes me more proud of you than you know! So cheers to your year five and to our year five of more exciting visits! I love you!

  2. i can't believe it's been four years! I'm starting to feel old! It's been a beautiful four years though!