18 August 2011

this week's skies.

i know, i know. more cloud photos. but they are just so stunning. it simply amazes me how the sky can look like lace one minute and burn fiery orange the next. it's all too pretty not to share.

other good things this week:

the smell of lemons
that first burst of cool air when i step outside in the mornings
fountain coke at the movies
worn hardwood floors
finishing a good book and hunting for another
feeling lovely in a dress and flats
anticipation of fall 

your turn! what good things have made your week?


  1. Such beautiful photos, I love taking photographs of the sky!

  2. hmm, let's see. my list wouldn't be quite so long considering i am stuck in the bed with a cast. but i did get a pair of red toms which i love! my dog and my mom's puppy have become best friends this week and it makes me so happy to see her running around having fun. she's usually so timid. :)