26 August 2011

a postcard

full of zinnias. and other things.

i am excited to stay home all weekend and watch it rain. 

i am marveling at my zinnias. such resilient little souvenirs of last weekend.

i am grateful for a dad that calls three times in 12 hours to discuss just how prepared for natural disasters i am.

i am pondering grocery lists, bucket lists, red lipstick, and just what exactly i would do if dad's worstcasescenario comes true and the city shuts down for three days.

i am wishing you a happy, fun, safe weekend.


  1. aw....that really made me miss my dad. he totally would have done the same thing to me! :)

  2. You have the most BEAUTIFUL, uplifting, and inspirational blog. Your photography is so creative, colorful, and fun!