29 August 2011

the hurricane weekend.

with the exception of a flooded central park and a few trees on cars, irene was mostly a non-event, at least in my neighborhood. i know not everyone was so fortunate, and my prayers are with everyone trying to get back on track.

the city was eerily quiet with subways down and businesses closed, so really the weekend was an excuse to hang out at home. my cupboards have never been so stocked, my apartment so clean, or my closets so straightened. my friend heidi is in town (poor girl picked the wrong weekend to visit ny!) and i am so, so grateful to have had her company all weekend long. we passed the time with movies, books, and endless conversation.  

a handful of cafes opened on sunday afternoon and we were thrilled to venture out for coffee and a walk. it was chilly enough for a sweater and the passing clouds ushered in the most glorious sunset, though we had not seen the sun in days. it was like nothing had ever happened.


  1. Oh man, if I worked at Jackson Hole I would be QUITE upset that I had to work at 8:00 am on Sunday morning. And I bet the place was a ghost town. Everyone was basically ordered to stay indoors! Crazy.

    Glad you had company for the long, uneventful weekend. :) And you leave tomorrow! YAY! Have so much fun and take LOTS of pictures (I know you will). :)

  2. I love this post and your attitude about the storm that largely wasn't. I can't believe the amount of criticism that city and government officials are getting for "over-hyping" the hurricane, especially since public safety was their primary concern!

    I'm so thankful that there wasn't more destruction and that NYC isn't a total disaster area. Ten years ago this September, it was. I'm glad Irene wasn't more "epic" -- aren't you?!!

    Great photography-- as USUAL!!

  3. I am so glad Irene spared you her wrath! We were so worried! There can never be enough preparation when unpredictable Mother Nature is involved! And now, all of your non-perishable supplies can be used for maybe... an upcoming blizzard? Who knows, but I am so happy you are safe and sound and soon to be on your way to London! I can't wait for your pics! Especially of Exeter!! XOXO! I love you!

  4. I just love that photo of you in the window with your canon and your umbrella.