12 August 2011

a postcard

from this good week.


this was the week that my friends and i adopted british accents at work, i met a book so good i stayed up late and woke up early to read it, air conditioning stopped being necessary, and a pretty postcard from london arrived in my mailbox. 


  1. Oh my gosh! I can't believe I am saying this but the movie was just as good as the book! I cannot wait to go see it again and again! Grab some girlies and go!

    Have a most wonderful weekend! I love you!!

  2. These photos are stunning, Lex! Miss you! xo

  3. These are beautiful images, they really made me smile!

    You have adopted a British accent? poor you! Im constantly trying to adopt a different accent!

    I love it so much when you can find a book that is so good you cannot wait to read it!


  4. ohohhh!!! the help is on my list of "nexts" (: loved your week [and mine! haha]

  5. Your photography is great! Don't you love discovering a good book?

  6. Oh, I miss you!!! I love your positivity.

  7. so good to hear about the help. i heard it was great but i needed this kind of stay-up-all-night great so that i can see the movie while it's still in theaters if i start now. :)