10 August 2011

i realize it is only august....

...but i found these photos last night and swooned. those doorknobs, those mail slots, a wreath with real oranges!

i remember that day well. wandering the village, floating from one sidewalk tree lot to another, admiring the very dickensian christmas feel of it all. i remember the city smelled like cinnamon and pine and cold.

i never got around to sharing these then, so why not now? i am always up for a little whimsy to start my day. and besides, it's already august...these christmas doors will be along before we even know it.


  1. Could this possibly be an enticement for certain someones to ensure their Thanksgiving in NY trip??

  2. Love the photos - makes me all nostalgic as am going to experience my first hot Christmas this year which is just all wrong!!!