15 August 2011


the weekend brought the key to delicious homemade oatmeal (bananas, almonds, brown sugar), a saturday in soho, a much-awaited visit from my sweet friend emmi, five hours inside the museum of natural history, and the rainiest day i can remember in nyc, which in turn brought about a three hour talk over lattes. 

mostly, the weekend left me grateful. for good friends, for good conversation, for the feeling of being loved and understood, and for having people to feel that way about, too. 


  1. wel, sounds like a perfect weekend! i think we need rainy weekends or rainy days every now and again for just that reason. :)

  2. Alexa it looks like you are having such a blast!!! It's been a year now yeah? :) Glad you're enjoying it and Love you blog and miss you!!