21 June 2011

scenes from a wedding.

this morning i am sipping my coffee and sifting through the photos i took over the weekend, and i keep going back to these. my friend sarah was married on saturday and everything about the evening was magical, from sinatra playing in the background to sarah thanking michael's parents for the man that they raised. it was the sweetest.


  1. You did such a wonderful job capturing the feeling at Sarah's wedding. The pictures are beautiful and I bet Sarah is going to love them when she sees them!

  2. ohhh Alexa this looks like the most magical wedding! incredible photos as always :)

    cant wait to catch up on all your recent posts! been missing reading your blog way too much xx

  3. I love the little red bird over your 'coffeespoons.' What an enchanting blog.

    Thank you so much for your kind words over at 'Adventures in Love and Happiness' on the 'Real People in Love' post, today. It made me tear up and call my husband on the phone to share it with him. :)

  4. That wedding looks truly magical. Lovely details and an amazing dessert bar. Your stellar photography skills help, too :)