20 June 2011

the weekend (in black + white).

i made a quick trip to south carolina to surprise my dad for father's day. and to watch my friend sarah get married. dad was his handsome, hilarious self. sarah was radiant. i'm so, so glad i got to be there.

 we went to the saturday farmer's market, went downtown for treats, and had my grandfather over for sunday dinner, and christy and i ran errands together. funny how even errands are exciting when you come back home from far away. we made those two little days count and i was asleep on the plane before it took off. 

i love you, family. see you in july!


  1. WOW! These are great! It took me a second look to notice Jake lurking under the pound cake! LOL! I am so lucky to have such a fun, brilliant, beautiful, loving step daughter! I love you! See you in 11 days!!

  2. Those are beautiful pictures! So fun that you got to go home for Father's Day!