23 June 2011

i can't think of a title.

yesterday was an out-of-sorts-from-the-(late)-start, may-i-please-have-a-do-over day.

today, i am up before the sun and determined it will be better.

a new day is a do-over.

and i think this peek at my little trip south is just the cheerful start i need.


have i ever told you that i like my parents? and their homey-house? and their eccentric dog, jake?

i know you know i love them.

but i like them, too. i like them as friends, as people, as keepers of my secrets. i like them as joke-makers and makers of my favorite breakfast. i like them as constants in a world that isn't always so. i just plain like them. i like them hard. 


  1. Ohhh...We just plain like you too! We are so lucky! I love this untitled post!

    P.S. and isn't Jake just the cutest? Weird...but cute!

  2. This is exactly how I feel about my parents.

  3. How tender. How much would I love for my kids to think all of these things of me. Thank you for the reminder to be these tings. xoxo