24 June 2011

a postcard

from my lately.


i am loving life's whimsy. the polka dot socks with the floral pajamas. the teensy coffeespoons at joe that seem plucked from a dickens novel. the roses bought and sold from weathered sidewalk carts. the flowers blooming wildly in every window, down every step. the rusty old beetle that doesn't quite fit in, yet somehow does.

i am looking forward to a few days with my cousin caroline. she's never been to the city before and i can't wait to see her see it for the first time. i don't ever want to forget what it's like to be new here. i hope i always see it the way i do now. 


  1. i love your post cards. i wish we'd have had more time in the city together (: ... maybe i'll get to come back!

  2. Your life is so beautiful. I love the way you see things. Thanks for sharing! You're inspiring to me! Also, to comment on the post below: I love your parents too! Your relationship with your parents is inspiring. And your trip down south looked so perfect.