13 October 2010

an nyc love list.

1. i can stare out the window of a mexican restaurant and see an afghan restaurant, an indian restaurant, and another mexican restaurant right down the sidewalk from an irish pub.

2. catching sight of the empire state building as i leave my office never ceases to give me butterflies.

3. if i am on 2nd avenue and have had a hard day and it is chilly outside, megan will take me out for hot chocolate to talk and laugh about things.  this has actually only happened once (ok, so it happened today), but it was nice and i loved new york (and megan) for it. 

4. i enjoy walking and taking the subway and don't miss driving or parking or traffic or paying for gas. maybe i will one day. maybe i won't.

5. i love the subway experience in general. so many people, all of the time, speaking their languages and reading their books. i always wonder where everyone is going. 

6. the flatiron building is, in my opinion, perfection.

7. living here means that i am guaranteed visitors. i have had two in four weeks and have (at least) four more coming before christmas.
8. it also means that i am absolutely guaranteed snow. don't laugh, this is actually new information. snow has never been a sure thing in my life before.

9. this weekend will be my first away from the city since i moved here and i already miss it. i love a new york weekend.

10. i love a new york anything.


  1. I can't wait to see you this weekend! I just wish it were on your turf! I love you and your amazing city! You never fail to capture all the quirky but natural details of the mecca!

  2. P.S. You need to get to bed a little earlier!

  3. I HEART NY!!! I loved your love list. My friend Whitney asked me what I liked most about New York and I couldn't pinpoint just ONE thing... there is so much to love. Then she asked me what my least favorite thing about New York was, and I could not think of anything I didn't like! It is such a great place.