13 October 2010

i think i have found my nook.

it is a children's bookshop and it is called books of wonder.

they sell every children's book imaginable and i spent hours rediscovering titles that i had long ago forgotten.

they have a gallery of vintage framed prints, like the original bambi movie poster. 

they have rare books, like the complete set of first edition of winnie-the-pooh and a copy of spenser's the faerie queene that lives in a glass cabinet.

they have a cupcake shop and ice cream bar. 

there are children and grown ups everywhere and i don't know who loves it more. 

it is charming and perfect.

so if you ever can't find me, try 18 west 18th street. 

{emory, i think our first nyc date just planned itself, don't you agree?}


  1. I think it looks like "The Shop Around The Corner"! My little Kathleen Kelly! Love it!

  2. I have heard of this store! When Mockingjay came out, the author Suzanne Collins was at Books of Wonder for the midnight release party, she did a reading of the book and signed copies and everything. She has a lot of history with that book shop I guess. You are in good company in your love for that place. Ever since I read about the Mockingjay release there and read about the bookstore I have wanted to visit. And there you go beating me to it! Now I really must go!

  3. Christy, it actually was the inspiration for The Shop Around the Corner! I guess I should have mentioned that in my post haha :)

    Angie, I foresee a little adventure in our near future!