11 October 2010

the day i went to work and no one else did.

this morning started off like most other monday mornings, except for the added bonus that kara was here, too.

i hit snooze twice, mumbled something about mondays being hard, and left the house later than i like to.

i gave kara directions to the statue of liberty and sent her off to wander.

i sat in bryant park and called my dad for a morning phone date.

and then i went to my office.

where it was dark. 

and quiet.

and i was all alone.

and i realized that it is columbus day. 

which apparently means no work.

it was a great surprise and made for the start of a really fun day.

{lunch at empanada mama's, three hours spent inside books of wonder, a rainstorm in times square with no umbrella, and belatedly celebrating kara's birthday at pinkberry in our pajamas}


  1. Hahahahah I just think this is awesome. And I am jealous that your work was closed... mine is ALWAYS open on holidays like that. Glad you had a fun day!