15 September 2010

ever wonder what target in manhattan looks like?

i am happy to report that i have only seen two subway rats and i haven't used a map since sunday. also, yesterday i bought laundry detergent and it hit me that i live here now. because, really, i don't buy laundry detergent when i am just on vacation. this is big.


  1. And just think! You only have to carry that laundry detergent around for 4 more days! Then you and your bottle of Gain will get to settle into your new home.

    I love you!

  2. I am so happy you've bought laundry detergent because it means you're hanging around here for a while. There is much fun to be had and much city to explore! ;)

    This post is another example of stopping to notice and take pictures of everyday details. I am getting too settled and not realizing that so many things I do are a novelty to other people! Thanks for the reminder. I love seeing the city like new through your eyes.