15 September 2010

to brother, love sister.

dear brother,

i think that our next date should include a trip to gray's papaya, where you can get a hotdog with everything on it for $1.50, no matter what time of day or night. you wait in a long line to order it and then you eat it standing up. or walking down the street.

then maybe we can wander over to central park. did you know it has a zoo with polar bears? it also has row boats. new york has so many fun things to do. you'll see!

later, when we want something sweet, we should go stand in another line, this time for shakes at the shack. dad and i agreed that they are awesome.

we also agreed that you are awesome.

and i miss you.

so, when are you coming to visit?



1 comment:

  1. I just LOVE that you are getting out and appreciating and experiencing what NYC has to offer! I need to remember to do that. I love all the pictures you take! You appreciate everything! I love it.