16 September 2010

serendipity runs my life and other observations from the first week.

...in my search to find somewhere temporary to live while i figure out where i really want to live, i emailed 34 people and got maybe 8 replies. the one that stuck is the perfect little studio in the perfect little place owned by a really cool lady that happens to know (wait for it) one of my bosses! this is a city of 8 million people....
...if you accidently almost get on the wrong subway and then try to correct your mistake, your metro card won't scan again for 10 or so minutes and you will quickly learn not to make mistakes.
...nyc kids are little adults. i have watched multiple kids under 5 hail cabs. it's awesome.
...it always amazes me how at home i feel when i am cooking, even when it's in someone else's kitchen. the first hint of autumn puts me in the mood for soup and i have been dying to do something for megan and ry, who have been hosting me all week. so i got into the kitchen yesterday and made beer and cheese soup, one of my favorite fall recipes, while regina spektor kept me company.
...in bryant park, right beside my office, there is a sandwich stand called wichcraft. how cute is that?
 {homemade soup means fall is here}

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