11 September 2010

and now i live here.

not three weeks after that magical morning in central park when i saw myself living in nyc one day, i packed up my life, used a one-way ticket, and made the city my home. it scared me to leave everyone i know, it thrilled me to push myself in a new and exciting way, and a special note from my favorite professor tucked safely in my bag will surely guide my way: 

The deepest love I ever felt for New York was a kind of familial or marital love when, after a hard day, week, or month, it would lay a gift in my lap, and I'd say to myself, "Hey; the old city's not so bad after all." When the hard times come, and they will, just remember that they are a part of the deal, the bargain, the story. And have the time of your life. 

i think i'm going to love it here. 

1 comment:

  1. I don't THINK, I KNOW you will love it there! Congratulations! You deserve this!