12 September 2010

september eleventh.

my first saturday as a new yorker was, strangely enough, september eleventh. it was a tragic, yet amazing, time to experience this city and, while most of the day was spent apartment hunting, dad and i shared some very new york moments.

{the george washington bridge in the morning, lunch at fetch, a delicious dog-friendly cafe in the upper east side, an afternoon walk through central park, street vendor food for dinner, a spectacular rooftop view of the red, white, and blue empire state building and the lights from the financial district marking the towers}


  1. You and your dad are so cute! You walked through my favorite parts of the park. It's so beautiful. And you tried street food! Mmmmmm Halal.... I love it. Looks like a perfect NYC day.

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  3. Molly! I am so excited to hear from you and to know that you are here, too! We should meet up and go exploring sometime :) It will be so nice to see a familiar face!!