08 September 2010

i just love everyone.

a move this fast hasn't afforded me much time to stop and think about much, but i can't help but to think about the good life i found in charleston....

...and how many people i found to love there. from my incredible professors at the college and my supportive officemates to the friends that have become my family--i found no shortage of love in that city.

...and how much i grew up in that city in two short years. i moved to charleston as a twenty year old college junior, fresh from my first trip abroad and wide-eyed at my new school and surroundings. i left it with a college degree in pursuit of a career in, quite simply, books, my first passion.

...and how blessed i am to have spent my senior year of college living on my own. it has always been a tiny wish for myself to live alone once in my life. i didn't want to go from living with my parents to living with roommates to living with my own family without experiencing a home of my very own. i thought it an important step in learning myself and i am fortunate to have experienced it for the past year.

...and how glad i am that i tried to live like a tourist. the wonder of the city never left me and it sure made moving in two weeks easy, since i didn't have to cram any last-minute to dos in.

...and how much love my life is full of. 
-my family has helped me plan, network, and apartment hunt, not to mention the patience they have shown me. i'm sure it gets old hearing me toss words like "anthology" and "doctor (somebody)," but they listen and love me anyway. 
-two friends that i packed and moved weeks ago offered to return to help me do the same. 
-my professor-friend and her husband that recently moved to nyc have offered their home to me while i transition to the city.
-several people have put me in contact with their nyc friends and those nyc friends-of-my-friends have been generous with their time and advice, even though they've never met me. 
-whitney and colin graciously upgraded my phone as a parting gift, so that i can, among other things, access subway schedules (and also because my old phone was a running joke). 
-friends made my last week in charleston special, from lunch dates and coffee dates to lets-go-to-late-movies-in-our-pajamas-dates. 
-my best childhood friend talked and laughed with me for hours at the kitchen table on my last night in sc. she was there for my first day of preschool and she is here for my first big move. special, right?
-the english department celebrated with me the day i was offered the position.
-my professor-friend that once worked in publishing in nyc answered my questions about neighborhoods and got me so excited to live in the city.
-texts and emails and letters and phone calls from all over have showered me with good wishes. 
-teague and crews' friend-nanny offered up her "excellent packing skills."
-the girl behind this blog has helped me research neighborhoods, search for roommates, and even invited me to brunch once i am all settled in. she is my first nyc friend. have i mentioned that we met through our blogs?
-my charleston office showed tremendous support and excitement over my future, even celebrating my last day with dunkin donuts and coffee. 
-my new office is welcoming me with advice and answers to my many questions. 
-whitney's mom made my last night special with a big family dinner, all of my favorite southern foods, and one slice of five different cakes from kaminsky's.

everyone in my life is showering me with love and i am beyond overwhelmed. great things await me in new york, but i'll always be grateful for my charleston days.

thank you thank you thank you.

 {and let's be honest, it's probably a good thing for me to move away from kaminsky's}

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  1. Awww, I love you too! (Is that weird since we've never met in person? I don't think so.) You are a sweetheart. I'm glad you've had so much support!