29 May 2019

papa & boy, wishmakin'.

they say you've got to make the memories you want them to have, and so it's: hopping into puddles, walks before supper, making wishes on dandelions and eyelashes and pennies, the words "why not" lived out loud, early strolls 'round the block to say good morning to the blooms, carousel rides, picnics under pink trees, candles at breakfast, poetry and prose and the sound of spinning records, meals around a full table, getting lost in museums and gardens and bookshops, cinnamon rolls at the first snow, making a song of everything, celebrating everything, putting our hands on earth, stories of stars and the moon and god and how i met his papa, bon dylan and iron & wine, edith piaf and the national, louis armstrong, simon & garfunkel, small posies in jam jars scattered about the house, airplane rides across the sea, true fascination with his every curiosity, et cetera, glorious et cetera.

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  1. I love this and it's very true. We just had a spontaneous trip to the zoo this morning, and a little walk to the water this evening.
    - Stephanie