29 January 2019


we've been away, and settling in is one of my life's deepest thrumming joys. i love the ritual of it: stocking the cupboards, filling the laundry basket, checking the post, checking in with dear ones, that first bath, that first press of coffee. i love the feeling of it: home.

about cupboards: our baby is now so grown that my market bag brims with things ever so specifically his. golden pears, hummus, beans, cheeses, meats, glorious et cetera. he has preferences. he has favorites, all his own. every day is a delicious getting-to-know-you.

when we left home more than one week ago, it was on the coattails of his birthday party. when we stepped into our apartment fresh from the airport two nights ago, it was into the presence of everlasting birthday magic: roses and balloons, still in full bloom.

magic: his dimpled hands wrapped around ribbons trailing gold balloons, his songbird voice wrapped around the word. "boon!"

i have much i want to write about, and soon.

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