31 January 2019

a first birthday.

merriment for our merry boy: gypsy jazz, cheeses and baguettes, sweet potato cake, gilded balloons, cocktails reimagined (frenchie 75! aperol fitz!), birthday roses, a trip to his most-loved spot...our neighborhood laundromat. 

we gathered in our home with a small posy of the ones who love him most, and fell asleep heart-happy to falling snow just after. i search joy for her synonyms and find language outpaced, but said simply, it was just one of those really magical, love-brimmed days that might bloom in a life, if you are really, very lucky. 

happiest of happy birthdays, our little prince, our winter wonder, our boy adventure, our dream-made-real, our wonderfully clever, jovial mister. he is a treasure, and he is treasured. he has recalibrated my world, realigned my stars, rewritten in my marrow the very meaning of love and dreams and worth and time. i am so happy he is here. i am so happy we are each other's. i will never understand the hows and whys stitched inside the reason i am entrusted to be his mother, his guide, his first home, his magic- and memory-maker, but the song my life is spinning will evermore and ever after be this: thank you.

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