20 December 2018

twelve dates of christmas | on our eighth date of christmas...

...we kissed our baby goodnight and went to see the new york philharmonic play the live score to home alone while the movie itself played. sweet christopher surprised me months and months ago with tickets and arranged for his parents to spend the evening with francis (thank you, gaga and papi!) while we tried a new restaurant (cinnamon fettuccine, mmm) and saw the show. i loved dressing up for date with my husband and walking in the rain to lincoln center. my heart leapt at the drumbeat of the twentieth century fox fanfare and again for "carol of the bells." i wept at a chorus of voices raised in "o holy night" and again as credits rolled. i loved visiting with our dear friends, the mainardis, and sharing a cab ride home. i loved stopping for a latte one block from our apartment. i loved tiptoeing into francis' room together at the end of the night to peek at our baby snoozing away. it all added up to a particularly sweet date of christmas.

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  1. ummmm add cinnamon fettuccine to our next new york trip, please!! this is absolutely magical. still have my fingers crossed for a christmas in NY!!