22 December 2018

drum taps and roses red.

we woke this morning and felt it humming in our bones: christmas is but three days away. and do you know, i would pause time right here if i could, stay a while or forever inside these hours of twinkling lights and tinsel, fresh pine and christmas cheer. i love the juxtaposition of movement and stillness. i love the tug of inward reflection. i love festive dates and soul-stirring choral music, velvet and ribbons and bells, and how every wall, every mirror, of our home casts images of light back to me. 

this year more than before, i am happy to be rooted here, in the purest joy of now, just before, for just a little while longer, living so fully inside a day when it's very much still baby's first christmas and he's our little drummer boy and something ordinary like the birch table where we share breakfasts and dream talks towers above him like a lighthouse. 

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